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Below the silver towers...

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Apr. 17th, 2005 | 11:04 pm
posted by: thynameiscow in shatter_it

Below the silver towers, of the great city, below the old, cracked streets from a forgotten world, far from the reach of the sun's golden rays, was a great engine... Not a mechanical engine, one made of the lesser people of the good earth. These lowlings were known above as the workers... They did all the dirty work, and didn't think twice about it. How could they? They didn't have the wisdom to realize that they were being used, they didn't have the imagination to figure a way out of the damnation, and they didn't have the love to care... They just went on with their lives, and made sure that nothing would crumble do to the experimenting of the runners, or the people that descended from greatness, above... Yet one worker was unlike the rest... His name was Theo... He was different from birth... He had a mutation... Mutations occur all the time in the birthing process, which is why doctors had begun scanning phetuses for genetic mutaions since the scare of 2169... They found out that--for whatever reason--the three viruses would mutate when the zygote had divided... In some cases, the mutations caused the phetuses to grow into horrible, unearthly creatures, that were inevitably terminated... In others, the mutations seemed to grant unearthly powers to the, otherwise normal, phetuses... Whenever this mutation was detected, the newborn was taken away for extensive testing... Their welfare is currently unknown... But this mutation was different from the rest... When scanning for viral mutations, doctors only scanned the specific viral genes, to make sure that there was no change... But, for some reason, the viral DNA was unchanged in Theo's DNA... So they passed him off as normal... Years ago, when the 3 viruses were running their courses, Theo's father was a great man... He loved knowledge, he loved to dream, and he loved his wife... It soon became clear, that the three viruses were ravaging through the bodies of he and his wife... He began to lose his love for knowledge, and daydreaming... He began to ignore his wife, and her he... He prayed every night, to be saved from this monster, who was stealing his soul... He prayed that there was some way that it would be stopped... He didn't want to lose his love for life... He didn't want to lose his soul... He and his wife, decided to have one final night of passion, before they had lost all love for eachother... And that night, Theo was conceived... The next morning, Theo's mother awoke in an empty bed... A note was written on it from his father:

I love you so much... Words cannot describe the love that is fading fast... I don't ever want to lose this love that I have for you... So I have decided to take my life, before I have lost it all...

Theo's mother then crumpled the letter and threw it into the fireplace and fell back asleep without a second thought... Little did she know, that her late-husband's prayer had been answered... On the back of chromosome 11 was a small gene, that hadn't been there before... This gene was the Hope Gene... This gene remained dormant for most of Theo's young life... But when he hit pueberty, it sprung to life, as if awakened from the dead! This gene began to repair DNA that was damaged by the viruses!! Slowly, Theo began to have thoughts... He began to dream... He began to love... Theo soon realized that he was different from the others... He soon realized that he didn't belong... Now he stands, staring at the great glowing iron-ore being poured into molds, thinking how beautiful the color is... He is almost exactly 6 feet tall, and well built... He often wonders about leaving this god-forsaken place... Just slipping away... They'd never notice... He thought to himself... He has worked in the underground iron fields for most of his life... Each day he becomes a little wiser, and plans for an escape from the hell... Each day workers are horribly killed, or injured, and no one so much as blinks... He soon figured out that he would never leave this place unless he took his life into his own hands... He just had to wait for the right moment... The right time... And then I'll sneak away... He thought, into the shadows... No one would miss me... They'd never know I was gone... I just have to wait for the right time... It'll come... I just have to wait, and prepare...

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Princess Yin


from: snowmagnolias
date: Apr. 20th, 2005 11:11 pm (UTC)

You have a very rich/strong background
You tend to use a lot of "..." like how I usually talk, when I'm not trying to be literary. This makes the writing seem natural, but a little confusing too. I don't think I saw a single period and two spaces!? yea, lol I didn't. I think it's just a stylistic thing.. so reply and tell me if you mean to do that. I can see that it kind of looks like a memory with this effect.
(Just had to mention that lol. But I like how it is, especially the italics. )
Great content! Theo sounds cool. lol puberty!

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hydrate or die tryin'

Re: yea!

from: i_like_neon_ice
date: Apr. 21st, 2005 02:21 am (UTC)

ooh and a tip- copy/paste it into a word document. All your spelling errors will be underlined in red. Then you can go back, right click, and see how it's supposed to be spelled. :) It just makes it a little less incoherent.

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Re: yea!

from: thynameiscow
date: May. 21st, 2005 04:40 am (UTC)

yin~yeah, it's kind'of, my style...if youwill (hee hee)...
ash~good idea, i should do that -.^

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