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Breaking the Mold

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May. 21st, 2005 | 12:57 am
posted by: thynameiscow in shatter_it

The whistle blew for the end of the shift... Theo's day was over... He walked to the locker room, showered, and put on his regular clothes... He then climbed the stairs, to get to the road level... Most people road the highspeed elevators, but he enjoyed slowly walking up the stairs, glancing out the topmost windows, appreciating the beuty of the sun and sky... He pushed open the large metal doors of the Iron factory... He looked up, and saw two great silver towers glinting in the sun... He wondered what kind'of people worked in those... He then proceeded to walk to his appartment... Most people didn't have time for this, and went from point A to point B via the transportation wires etched into the roads... The roads were long, thin strips of granite, left over from old times... Whenever one ended, it had a culdasac shape, along with different colored transportation wires ending in the same way... The transportation wires divereged much more often then the roads themselves, and sometimes came to warp points, which would connect the wire via controlled wormhole to a road in some other part of the world... These transportation wires were relavtively new, manufactured in about 2144, and put into public use around 2153... They were found in early experiments on the control of black holes, and worm holes... Theo found them interesting... But didn't use them if he didn't have to... When he reached his appartment, he accessed the holographic computer screen and gave verification of entry... He walked inside, and climbed the 21 flights of stairs to his room... He came to room 2156, gave further identification and was granted access... He was tired when he got home... More tired than usual... So he made himself a quick meal and wen't to bed... He woke up the next morning to a knocking at his door... He realized that he had fallen asleep in his clothes as he got up and rubbed his head... As he walked to the door he saw an envelope come from underneath it, and then foot steps... He picked up the envelope and looked at the back... It was blank... He opened up the door to see who had delivered it, but they were already gone... He then shut the door and sat down on the nearest chair... He slowly ripped open the envelope, and found a letter written inside it...
I know what you feel. And you're right, you are not the same as everyone else. I need your help. I can't say much more except this: Titan621.45985106601.1100h. You must be there, I will explain more then.
~a friend.

Theo gazed at the letter... He had a hunch what this meant, but he wasn't sure... He felt awkward that someone knew what he was feeling, yet they sounded understanding... He didn't know what to make of it... Yet, he was adventurous, so he decided that he'd do it... Theo then redressed, and wen't to work... At work, he decided to leave at 1030h, to give himself enough time... The day passed very slowly this time... Even though he had only been working since 0700h, it felt like an eternity... His mind wandered, he couldn't stop thinking about what was to happen come 1100h... Yet, do to his lack of concentration he didn't realize that he was letting his production rate lower, and he was being watched... Eventually 1030h rolled around... And Theo decided to leave... He was rather hasty, since this would be considered breaking out... He quickly ascended the flights of stairs to ground level, and walked briskly to the nearest transportation wire... He stepped onto the small platform, which caused a holographic computer screen to popup... It said "Good day, where would you like to go?" Theo then took out the envelope from his pocket, and opened it slowly... Thinking very carefully at what he was about to do, he read the series of codes over and over... "Having trouble finding where you need to go? Try searching it on Google," the computer monitor said... Theo then quietly said, "Titan621..." The screen then became dark, and a white box appeared... Theo touched to the numbers on the holographic keybord while watching "45985106601" appear inside the box... He pressed enter... "Warp Engaged," said a confirming voice... "Have a great day!" And Theo was gone...

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hydrate or die tryin'

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from: i_like_neon_ice
date: May. 22nd, 2005 05:04 pm (UTC)

Yay I read it :) And I only got slightly distracted by the weird flow... "yet, ..."

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