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The Hope Gene

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Apr. 2nd, 2005 | 07:41 pm
posted by: thynameiscow in shatter_it

In the year 2000, the human genome was cracked. Scientists could now locate specific gene-caused diseases, and prevent them from occuring. In the year 2017, the the gene which was responsible for 90% of all malignent cancer was found, and wiped out... In the years to follow, many genes causing diseases and disabilities were found, and wiped out... In the year 2098, the human population broke 20 billion... With no diseases, and the lengthening of human life, the Earth had become over populated... There was an increase in gang violence in the world, because of this... In the year 2105, the Iron Revolution began... Hundreds of millions of people perrished, in gruesome lynchings, murders, and town fires... Each year the violence increased, and the human race became more savage... It came to the point that democracy was abolished, and many rulers were assassinated... In the year 2117, a city was constructed, on the surface of the Moon... The remaining world leaders got togethor in secret on April 2, 2117 and borded a ship to the Moon... On the ship, were who were believed to be the brightest people of the age, people they thought could make a difference... They colonized the moon, and preformed experiments on the increasingly savage human's on the Earth's surface... Every once in a while, scouts would be sent down to the Earth to bring samples for experimentation... After 4 years, on October 9, 2121 an unknown scientist discovered the gene that caused the human race to become so savage... They created a virus that cut out this gene, and inserted it's own DNA in it's place. This virus was then sent down to Earth and infected everyone on the planet... On January 1, 2128, it was decided that the gene had been completely wiped out, and Earth was inhabitable again... Over the next 30 years, Earth was rebuilt, and order was maintained... But it was eventually found out, that the gene which caused the downfall of civilization was copied onto other genes... Remembering what had happened, scientists created viruses to go on search and destroy missions to finish off this gene, and once and for all make Earth a Utopia... Three viruses were created: the Alpha Virus, which destroyed the gene that carried wisdom; the Gamma Virus, which destroyed the gene for imagination; and the Omega Virus, which destroyed the gene for love. In the year 2161, all three viruses had run their courses, and a Utopia was created... Yet, the role of God was being played, and the consequences for abolishing wisdom, imagination, and love were uknown... The present year is 2187, the human race has been divided into two classes, the runners and the workers... The runners are the decendents of the scientists and rulers, that had the idea to create the viruses in the first place... The workers are the people that have been infected with the viruses, and have no choice but to obey what the runners command of them... It looked as if the human race was damned to this divided Utopia, accept for the one thing that the scientists had hoped would never happen... The viruses mutated...
Was habe ich geschaffen? Ist es von Engel oder Ungeheuer.. Ich fühle, dass ich den Kasten von Pandora öffne.. Was auch immer von dies kommt, ich nur kann hoffen, dass es Änderung für das bessere schafft.. Für das Willen von meiner Tochter..

~Grabschrift vom unbekannten Wissenschaftler..

What have I created? Is it of angel or monster... I feel that I am opening the box of Pandora... Whatever comes of this, I can only hope it creates change for the better... For the sake of my daughter...

~Epitaph of the unknown scientist...

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Comments {2}

Princess Yin

(no subject)

from: snowmagnolias
date: Apr. 6th, 2005 07:17 pm (UTC)

wow, great description!
"the Gamma Virus, which destroyed the gene for imagination;"
That Gamma Virus sure missed ya Ted!!!
I like the tidbit about the human genome lol. Norton woulda liked it.

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from: thynameiscow
date: Apr. 18th, 2005 02:25 am (UTC)

i did my hw...

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